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Vegetarian diet: Does it guarantee weight loss?

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Q. Glen if I switch to a vegetarian diet, will I lose weight?

A.Research has shown that, on average, people who follow a vegetarian diet eat fewer calories and less fat than nonvegetarians. Vegetarians also tend to have lower body weight relative to their height than nonvegetarians. However, switching to a vegetarian diet doesn't guarantee weight loss.

The basics of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are the same for everyone: Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and limit your portions. Vegetarians — like nonvegetarians — can make poor food choices that contribute to weight gain, such as large portions of high-fat, high-calorie foods or foods with little or no nutritional value.

For this reason, vegetarian diets should be as carefully planned as nonvegetarian diets to make sure they are nutritionally balanced. Choose a vegetarian eating plan that is low in fat and that provides all of the nutrients your body needs. Be sure to include protein-rich foods — especially if you follow a vegetarian diet that limits fish, eggs and dairy products. Protein is not only an essential nutrient, but it also helps you feel full longer — which can curb your urge to snack.

A diet that largely consists of fruits and vegetables will contain fewer calories. But be cautious of what else you add to your diet. Substituting large quantities of cheese and peanut butter for meat will add a significant amount of fat and calories to your diet. Limit your portions of high-fat protein substitutes. In addition, opt for low-fat protein substitutes, such as dried beans, low-fat cheese, reduced-fat peanut butter and soy products.

Cooking methods and condiments also factor into your calorie intake. Instead of frying, try steaming, boiling, grilling or roasting foods. If you stir-fry, reduce the amount of oil you use. Also, use smaller amounts — or lower-fat versions — of sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese and salad dressing in your food preparation.

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