Friday, March 18, 2011

Generic vs. Brand-Name Pills

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Q: I recently went to a new pharmacy to fill my birth control prescription, and they gave me a pack of pills I've never used before. The pharmacist told me it was a generic, and it was the same as the brand name, but when I called my gynecologist, she told me she'd never heard of that generic and that I shouldn't take it. Who's right?

A. By law, the generic form of birth control pills and brand-name birth control pills must be have the same active ingredients, and they must have similar bioavailability (which is the amount of time it takes for the active ingredients to begin working on the body.) The only difference that might exist between generic and brand-name medicines are the inactive ingredients, but these differences are immaterial, unless you should happen to be allergic to one of them. This might have been one of the reasons your gynecologist advised you not to take the pill. Otherwise, a generic birth control pill and a brand-name birth control pill react no differently in your body — so take advantage of the savings whenever you can!
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