Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Work out like a cover model

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, How can I get a body like a magazine cover model?

A.Before Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, and Jason Statham, there was Owen McKibbin—the most popular cover model in the history of Men's Health. He inspired thousands of guys to strive for a six-pack by following these fitness rules. Listen up.

Rule 1: Cardio and strength training are equally important. You can get washboard abs without doing a single situp, but you can't get a rippling stomach without consistent cardio work. Choose any machine—or mix up several—and do some interval work to start burning fat.

Rule 2: Sprint. It's the quintessential cover model exercise—perfect your form, raise your resting metabolism, and start getting lean with all-out, hard-as-you-can-go, straight-ahead effort.

Rule 3: Hidden muscles need as much work as the big ones. When guys get hurt, they don't hurt the big stuff—they injure a rotator cuff, or their lower back, or the tendons around their knees. Work those, too, and you'll stay in the gym—and progress towards your goals.

Rule 4: It's about looking good, but it also isn't. Strength training strengthens your bones, pumps up your natural testosterone release, and sharpens your mind—meaning a sweat session can get you a raise and put hair on your new, bigger chest.

Reference: Men's Health

Glen's Bottom Line: Cardio, Weight Training and Intensity

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program. Please consult your physician !

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