Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Abs Diet Plan

Ask Glen!

Q. Can I have great abs? and what do I have to lose?

A. Let others lose. You are going to gain. Muscle tone, better health, a great sex life, and better abs...

You Have Abs. Yes You!

When you think of abs, you may think of Brad Pitt or Janet Jackson. Your cynical side may also think of airbrushing, starvation diets, and an exercise regimen so time-consuming it would violate labor laws. Your conclusion: You have a better chance of scaling Mount Everest in a Speedo than you do of developing great abs. But as a 49 year old Fitness guru, I know you can have the midsection of your dreams.

Listen: I analyze health and fitness information the way brokers analyze the market. And I've talked to and heard from thousands of folks who have shared their weight-loss success stories with me. So I've seen the plus side of the equation. But I've lived the negative, as well. I know what it's like to feel fat.

From Fat to Fit

As a latchkey kid growing up in the early '70s, I made every mistake in the book. I ate fast food instead of smart food. I played video games when I should've been playing outside. By the time I reached age 22, I was carrying 227 pounds of torpid stomach fat around my waist on my 5'11" frame.

But I got lucky. When I graduated from college, I joined a gym and learned the importance of proper nutrition and--just as important--the health threats inherent in carrying around too much fat in your gut. If you have a bulging belly, it means your internal organs, including your heart, are literally packed in fat. It's like renting a room to an arsonist.

Start Here: This is your six-pack, to go

Whether you want to change your body to improve your health, your looks, your athletic performance, or your sex appeal, this plan--which is called the Abs Diet--offers you a simple promise: It can transform your body so you can accomplish all of those goals. It won't just enhance your life; it will save it.

This Topic is taken from the book The Abs Diet! Get it !

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program.Please consult your physician !

Wishing You Great Health!

Glen Edward Mitchell

Any questions? Ask Glen!

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Any Questions? Ask Glen!