Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Shape-Up: Results in 3 Weeks!

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, Summer has come can I get in shape fast?

A. Yes,Where did the time go? Summer is here, and you're still not in shape. What to do? With no time to waste, you need to work out seven days a week in short intervals, but the key is to do something different every day to shock your body into shaping up quickly.

The lower or "bathing suit" half of your body of course needs the most work, but you cannot neglect your upper body. You should work upper body twice a week and your lower half every day.

Some Examples

On your first workout day you could do an interval aerobics workout emphasizing hips, butt, thighs and abs. On your second workout day you can do stomach and add abs again, but with a different group of abs exercises.

On day three you would do lower again, but with yet again a different set of exercises and so on, until you've completed seven days of working out. The changing of workouts each day forces your working muscles not to get used to the routine and to work harder. In turn, it tightens and tones much faster. By this constant switching you can see major changes in three weeks!

Your routine does not have to be a long one, since you rest little or nothing at all. By doing this, you save time and burn more fat in the process.

Where to begin? Here are three exercises to get you started. Do 15 repetitions of each one and without resting move to the next one.

Saddlebag/Inner Thigh Trimmer

Start: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your legs straight. Be near something in case you lose your balance.

Movement: Flexing your hip and inner-thigh area, extend your right leg out to the side as far as you can go. Keeping the flex on your working hip and inner-thigh area, return to start and repeat the movement until you have done 15 repetitions. Repeat for the other side of your body. Without resting move to the next exercise.

Standing Serratus Love-Handle Crunch

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and holding a 2 pound dumbbell in your right hand, palms facing outward, bend your elbow so that your arm forms an "L." Place the fingers of your left hand on your right front side "fatty" area.

Movement: Flexing your front side, lower your right elbow towards the center of your body until you cannot go any further. Releasing the tension return to start and repeat the movement until you have done 15 repetitions. Repeat for the other side of your body. Without resting move to the next exercise.

Standing Front Thigh-Tightener Leg Extension.

Stand with your right knee raised so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. (Be near something to hold if you need it to balance.) Flexing your fright front thigh as hard as possible extend your right leg forward until you cannot go any further. With your right knee still raised, relaxing the tension, return to start and repeat the movement until you have done 15 repetitions. Repeat for the other leg.

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program.Please consult your physician !

Wishing You Great Health!

Glen Edward Mitchell

Any questions? Ask Glen

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