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Big Fat Lies! Part 3 " Dirty Secrets"

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Q. Glen, Is their any truth to the publications written in the Fitness Magazines?

A. In today's lesson, you will learn the "dirty secrets" of the fitness magazine publishing industry that they don't want you to know about...

Here is the part 3 of your mini-course, BIG FAT LIES.

In today's lesson, you will learn the "dirty secrets" of the fitness magazine publishing industry that they don't want you to know about...

Fat Loss Lie #3: "You can believe everything you read in the magazines"

In general, you tend to trust what you see printed in the magazines, just as you tend to trust the information you hear on the evening news and read in the daily newspapers.

Why? Because the news media and most magazines have mega-credibility. Most people automatically assume - consciously and unconsciously - that if it's in print or on the news, then it must be true.

However, the fitness and bodybuilding publishing industry have some dirty little secrets...

Just as much of the news we hear is "planted," much of the fitness and nutrition information we read in our favorite magazines is also planted and heavily biased.

Publishers realize that the vast majority of readers will believe almost anything if it's printed in a nationally-circulated magazine. As a result they created...

"The magazine / supplement company business model."

Today, most fitness magazine publishers not only depend on supplement company advertising revenue to stay in business, they actually OWN the supplement companies and use their magazines as the primary channel for promoting their products.

It didn't take long before the entire bodybuilding and fitness magazine industry realized that more money could be made selling supplements than selling advertising or subscriptions.

Here's another dirty little secret they don't want you to know about:

Most people cannot sort out where the editorial ends and the advertising begins.... and that is by design.

Editorials are more believable than advertising (that's why they try to make supplement ads look so much like articles these days).

Did you ever notice how many magazine articles are about the latest, greatest "breakthroughs" in supplements? These "articles" aren't really articles at all; they're nothing more than advertisements in disguise... with an 800 number for easy ordering at the end... (how convenient.)

Even if a magazine doesn't have a vested interest in a supplement line, you still can't count on them to reveal the whole truth to you. A full page ad in a high circulation national fitness magazine can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so the publishers don't want to write editorials that will upset, offend or contradict the advertisers.

This is the reason you often get better advice from the smaller, lesser-known newsletters than you do from the major magazines and newspapers.

It's clearly in the magazine's best interest to promote supplements like crazy, and stay in bed with the supplement companies, regardless of whether the products work or not, because the more supplements that are sold, the more the supplement companies will advertise. The more they advertise, the more the supplements sell, and on and on the cycle goes.

It may seem blatantly obvious to you that magazines are "pushing" supplements, or you may have simply suspected it.

However, you would be stunned at how many people - especially beginners - believe every word they read in the "muscle mags" and buy hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of useless "muscle-building" or "fat burning" pills, powders and drinks as a result.

Many people ask me why did I became an online Blog publisher rather than writing for a printed magazine. By publishing websites, newsletters and e-books online, I am not handcuffed by the censorship and agendas of the fitness magazine industry.

I do not sell supplements and I have never accepted money to endorse them, so I'm not at the mercy of the "magazine / supplement company" business model and I can call it like I see it and tell it the way it really is. In the upcoming lessons, that's exactly what I'll do.

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program.Please consult your physician !

Wishing You Great Health!

Glen Edward Mitchell

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