Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What’s Better: Diet, Exercise or Both?

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Q. Glen whats better, Exercise , Diet or both?

A. It’s a trick question: You shouldn’t ever choose between the two. Both activities are key components of weight loss and increasing fitness and should be used in combination to reach your goals. Dieting can make it difficult to have the energy to exercise, so make sure you’re eating enough to meet your fitness needs even if you’re trying to cut calories to lose weight. A 2006 study from the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that exercising ensures that the weight you lose is fat, not muscle. Dieting alone, especially if you severely restrict your caloric intake, will pull energy from your muscles, which is never a good idea. Exercising alone increases your appetite, prompting you to eat more food to make up for the extra calories you burned. So don’t do it alone. Diet right by eating a lot of high-fiber foods to fill you up and give you the nutrients you need and leave the calories you don’t need behind. Exercise daily and always be sure to follow good post-exercise eating habits (like eating a carb-rich snack right away after exercising to promote muscle recovery). This balanced combination of diet and exercise will give you the two-pronged approach you need to overcome the challenge of weight loss.

Please consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program

Wishing You Great Health,

Glen Edward Mitchell

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chime said...

I really enjoyed reading your newsletter, but before I take it to heart, I would like to know where you studied.

Anonymous said...

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Good Luck!

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