Friday, August 14, 2009

Be Psylly to Save Bathroom Time

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, I am spending to much time in the bathroom!

A. If your bathroom has become the place where you get your reading done, it's time for a spoonful of psyllium.

Psyllium -- pronounced "silly-um" -- is a fiber supplement made from a Mediterranean plantain. A daily dose helps keep things moving right along.

Drink Up
Psyllium, found in products like Metamucil, bulks up stool and improves digestive flow by sucking water into the bowel. Make sure to take a rounded teaspoon with lots of water, or you'll feel as if you just ate concrete. Or do what YOU Docs Mehmet Oz, MD, and Michael Roizen, MD, do: Add psyllium to a breakfast drink.

More on When It's Slow
If you're bothered by the occasional "backup" (as most of us are), try these other tips for getting things going:

  • Don't skip meals. Eating moves waste through your gastrointestinal tract.

  • Make friends with fiber.

  • Put your best foot forward.

  • Quench it. Stay hydrated with noncaffeinated, nonalcoholic beverages.

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program. Please consult your physician !

My mission is to provide you with "Trusted Advice for a Healthier Life."

Yours in good health

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