Wednesday, July 4, 2007

10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, I am a Women, What do I need to know about Men?

A. What do men need the most? In a word, support. I surveyed 100 married men here are ten answers..

But just so you’ll know what you can do to save your relationship right now, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite quotes revealing what guys want their partners to know. And there isn’t anything they mention that you can’t do today… maybe even this minute.

"Be my cheerleader. Believe that I have the talent to achieve my dreams, even if it takes longer than I ever imagined."
-- Ed, 47, married 25 years

"Help me be a hero to my kids. Speak well of me and the good things that I do. Don’t only speak about my shortcomings."
-- Norman, 67, married 22 years, divorced 22 years

"When you tell me you’re proud of me it gives me a boost -- especially when I’m beating myself up, mad at myself for not being Bill Gates."
-- Joel, 47, married 5 years

"Be my advocate, be on my side. If you think I’m wrong, try to guide me to where you think I should be. Don’t beat me up and drag me there."
-- Charlie, 28, married 11 years

"Saying, 'Jane’s husband always helps with the shopping, why can’t you?' makes me want to say, 'Why didn’t you marry Jane’s husband?'"
-- Allen, 43, married 2 years

"Accept my weaknesses but help me to improve."
-- Derek, 45, divorced twice, about to be married again

"When you’re upset about something, talk to me about it. Don’t let it become a landmine that later explodes."
-- Norman, 32, married 5 year

"Encourage him to develop interests outside the relationship: Two halves don’t make a whole. Only two wholes make a whole."
-- Larry, 46, second marriage of 18 years

"I love it when you touch me unexpectedly, when you run your hand along my neck and whisper sweet nothings in my ear."
-- Steve, 58, married 15 years

"I need you to take the lead sometimes -- in daily life and in bed. Sometimes I want you to navigate so I can just enjoy the ride."
-- Fred, 53, married 19 years

"When you go to the store, ask me: 'Is there something special I can get for you?'"
-- Blair, 53 second marriage of 7 years.

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Wishing You A Great Healthy Relationship!

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