Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ideal Body Weight

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, Is There Such a Thing as Ideal Weight?

A. In a recent poll, I asked readers to vote on how close they are to their goal weight. This idea got me thinking about ideal weight...that mythical number we all aspire too and that, often, coincides with our goal weight. But is there really such a thing as ideal weight? I suppose that depends on your definition of 'ideal'.

When it comes to health, weight is just one measure we use to assess how healthy we are, but most of us don't use the scale as a measure of health - we use it as a measure of how thin we really are. So, is coming up with an ideal weight the best way to set a weight loss goal? While there are certainly ideal body weight calculators out there, most experts agree that there really is no such thing as an ideal weight for most of us.

There's no magic weight at which you will be perfect in every way and I think that's what we're after when we talk about ideal weight. If you abandon the idea of setting an ideal weight as a goal, that may open the door to other goals you can set for yourself, perhaps even throwing out weight loss completely and focusing on other things like health, energy and self-confidence.

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