Wednesday, April 2, 2008

9 Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, Do you have any Tips for losing any body weight?

A. Losing 5 to 15 percent of your body weight can improve your overall health. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, 5 percent of your body weight equals 10 pounds, and 15 percent equals 30 pounds. A safe rate of weight loss is up to 2 pounds per week. Try some of these ideas to support your weight-loss efforts:

  • Keep a food diary.
  • Shop from a list, and don't shop when you are hungry.
  • Store foods out of sight.
  • Dish up smaller servings. At restaurants, eat only half your meal and take the rest home.
  • Eat only at the table, and turn off the TV.
  • Be realistic about weight-loss goals. Aim for slow, modest weight loss.
  • Seek support from family and friends.
  • Expect setbacks and forgive yourself.
  • Add physical activity to your weight-loss plan. Engaging in regular physical activity can help you control your weight.

  • And my number one tip is hire a personal trainer... ( me )

    Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program. Please consult your physician !

    My mission is to provide you with "Trusted Advice for a Healthier Life."

    Yours in good health

    Any questions?

    Ask Glen!

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    Any Questions? Ask Glen!