Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ultimate Butt Workout

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, How do I get a Better Butt?

A.You want a great looking tight butt, don't you? And, you want a workout that can help take you there. You've come to the right place because I have a workout that's proven to produce results.

To get a bodacious booty, you need to follow the rules of a calorie-reduced diet to lose body fat, cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and strength training for the entire body to stimulate the metabolism and tighten your muscles.

Your glutes won't get tight and small unless your overall body fat is reduced. Let's be honest here -- you can do all the butt movements on the planet for hours a day, but it won't make one bit of difference unless you lose body fat; that fact is non-negotiable.

There are only three exercises involved in my program -- the squat, walking lunges and leg presses.

Let's get to it.

You will be performing three super sets -- all three exercises in a row without rest. After a 90-second rest, repeat two additional times (with the same 90-second rest between sets).

Squats: The barbell squat is one of the best lower body exercises on earth. It works just about the entire lower body. However, leg positioning can assist in better isolating the glutes. If you position your feet about one to two inches past shoulder width and squat to a parallel position, you'll really feel those glutes being worked.

However, you have to go to the parallel position for maximum effectiveness. Don't let ego guide you on this exercise. Reduce the weight poundage if necessary and focus on perfect form. Perform a set of 15 repetitions to momentary muscular failure. After the set is completed, immediately go to the next exercise without a break.

Walking Lunges: Stand with your feet hip width apart, grasp a pair of dumbbells with your arms straight at your sides, palms in. Take a large step forward, and lower your body so that your front knee lines up with your ankle. The back knee is almost touching the floor. Push off with your back foot and take a large step forward with your other foot.

Walk lunge 15-20 steps, and then turn around and return to the start using the same form. You should contract your glutes on the lowering of each movement. After the set is completed, immediately go to the next exercise without a break.

Angled Leg Press (also called inverted leg press): Place your feet two inches higher than you normally do on the leg press machine in order to place more overload on the gluteus and hamstrings. Your feet can be positioned at shoulder width or just little wider. Make sure you lower the weight just a tad below 90 degrees, but no more. We can't forget that we need to protect those knees.

Perform a set of 15 repetitions. Make sure your legs are high enough on the platform so you can really feel your glutes on the lowering part of the movement. By the end you'll have performed nine total sets in minimal time and your glutes and legs will be burning -- but you'll love it.

Please note: This routine isn't for everyone because it's advanced. If you're not an advanced exerciser, follow these guidelines: Perform one set of each exercise on alternate days of the week for two weeks. In week three, add a set. Add a third set in week six, but do not attempt the super set. You'll need three to six months of experience before you can begin the super set routine. However, it is something to strive for.

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program. Please consult your physician !

My mission is to provide you with "Trusted Advice for a Healthier Life."

Yours in good health

Any questions?

Ask Glen!

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