Monday, October 15, 2007

9 Truths About Sex ( 4 Women )

Ask Glen!

Q.Glen, I am a women, Can you tell me some truths about sex,communication with my partner and just doing it?

A. Sex is the most popular subject on the planet and also the most secret. Everybody is doing it, but very few are talking about it which is why falsehoods are perpetuated and very few are actually having the kind of sex they want and deserve.

While even the most, er, liberated men and women do not experience incredible connections or mind-blowing orgasms every time, it’s safe to say that we all could be enjoying both a lot more than we do. So light the candles and turn up the Luther because I have uncovered some truths about this delicious and controversial topic but be warned: They will not only set you free but will lead to a fuller and more fulfilling life between-the-sheets (or on the kitchen table).

Truth: You cannot know anyone until you know you.
In spite of what mom told you, you won’t go blind. Masturbating is not only fun, relaxing and utterly naughty; it also works as an aid in discovering what works and what doesn’t.

Truth: Sex is like great chocolate -- the more you indulge, the more you want it.
While the day-to-day demands of work, kids, family and friends can leave superwoman exhausted, that is no excuse for not giving yourself a chance to unwind in the most sensual way with someone you care about. Here’s a little challenge: Give it a go three times this week, even if you think you aren’t in the mood. You’ll notice all kinds of sparkly little changes in your complexion, sex appeal and it is sure to ignite your couple-hood!

Truth: There's no shame in letting him know what you want and how you want it.
Walking out of the office bathroom with your skirt in your hose is embarrassing, asking for your man to give you exactly what you want between-the-sheets is sexy, smart and totally seductive. Don’t be ashamed of what feels good for you and do your best not to judge your partner when he lets you in on his secrets.

Truth: There are no emotions in positions.
In spite of what you might have heard, doggie-style does not mean your man does not love you or respect you. Many men enjoy this controversial position because it not only feels good but satisfies their visual desires by giving them a full view of your gorgeous self. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the physical act without placing too much emphasis on what position goes with what emotional feeling. It doesn’t work that way.

Truth: You don't have to look, dress or act like a porn star to be good in bed.
He might enjoy watching Ms. Jameson act like a monkey in heat on-screen, but the truth is that most men want to enjoy the woman they are with when she is in her most authentic form. Though it might be fun to spice up the conversation with some saucy-talk or don some stilettos every once in a while, you should never do anything you are not comfortable doing in bed. Awkwardness, discomfort and embarrassment are as sexy as wet socks.

Truth: Perfect thighs do not guarantee perfect sex.
So you have cellulite and some spots are softer than others, join the club! The idea that a few lumps and bumps hinder sex appeal or ability is shameful. Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes and he’s so thrilled you are there with him aliens could land on your rear and he wouldn’t notice.

Truth: Get out of bed and into the shower…the dining room…the living room.
Just the idea of being somewhere you shouldn’t be will create a forbidden vibe. Besides, anyone who has ever tried sex on the bathroom counter knows that a mirror can do everything a camcorder can do sans the embarrassment!

Truth: Foreplay doesn't just happen right before the actual act.
Sex is sex but build-up is sexy. A salacious text, a lingering stare or a glass of wine delivered with a subtle flash of your décolleté give him a small peek into what is coming later.

Truth: Condoms can be sexy
These little lifesavers come in a variety of styles, flavors, textures and even vibrate! Find the ones that tickle your fancy and always carry one with you. Safe-sex is the best sex.

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Wishing You Great Health!

Any questions? Ask Glen!

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