Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jaheim - 12. Everywhere I Am - Still Ghetto

"Everywhere I Am"
Happy Mother’s Day

Florenda Brown

Ummmm I hear you voice inside my head everywhere

Ooooo yeah clear as day inside my head everywhere

It's killing me softly with every heartbeat

thinking you can't see how your sons living

(Hey mama) Is there an address up in heaven

I feel dropping you this letter but it will be return to sender

How I wish I could bring you home flowers on tombstones

Lets me know it's been too long since I've been in whose arms

(Yours mama) It's getting colder every winter

I can't take the heat in summer, can't hardly deal with all this drama but

(Just when) I'm inches away from losing my mind

(That's when) I swear sometime

(I hear your voice inside my head) and it feels like you're

(Everywhere, everywhere I am)

(Just when) the walls are closing in on my world

(That's when) I see my favorite girl

(Clear as day inside my head) and it's obvious you're

(Everywhere, everywhere I am)

Was that you saying just keep on praying

You'll see the day when it will be worth the waiting

(Hey mama) I think I've received your message

Think how I'm receiving blessings Finally got the platinum record

Did you see me on soul train dedicated the whole thing

To your memory just hoping you're out there and knowing

(You're mama) You were floating onstage with me

Someone said they saw me glistening

Gotta let you know I'm listening to you

(Just when) It's the most important time of my life

(That's when) That's when I swear sometimes

(I hear your voice inside my head) and it feels like you're

(Everywhere, everywhere I am)

(Just when) Just when the heavens open up on the world

(That's when) I see my favorite girl Florenda

(Clear as day inside my head) It's so obvious you're

(Everywhere, everywhere I am)

If God is in the spirit world talking to my heart

Then for an angel I know it can be hard

You are my guardian and I know you're still playing your part

(I know you are) Just on the other side but always in my life

No need to just believe I know you're here with me

I'm reaching out my hand and to the promise land

to feel your presence when I need strength

Everywhere I am, Everywhere I am

Everywhere I am Everywhere I am

Everywhere I am Everywhere I am
I know that you’re with me

Everywhere I am 

Glen Edward Mitchell
Your son

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