Tuesday, July 1, 2008


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Q. Glen, Can Probiotics Relieve IBS?

A. Our society has developed into an antibiotic culture so intent on destroying bacteria — we often expect a prescription to cure even a minor infection — but unfortunately, we've eradicated much of the beneficial bacteria in our bodies along with the harmful strains. The normal human gastrointestinal tract contains hundreds of different species of beneficial bacteria (intestinal flora). In order to provide a healthy environment within the gastrointestinal tract your body requires proper amounts of these "friendly" bacteria. So how can you help your body maintain the proper amount of the much needed "friendly" bacteria? The answer is probiotics.

Probiotics are living, direct-fed microbials that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. They come in two types: food (check out your grocery store's dairy case and refrigerated section for probiotic-rich yogurt, kefir or raw sauerkraut) and dietary supplements. Probiotics work by colonizing the intestinal tract and crowding out disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. Strong evidence shows that probiotics help lactose intolerance and diarrhea, decrease the risk of colon cancer, ease the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, and boost the immune system. Talk to your doctor before trying probiotics.

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program. Please consult your physician !

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