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Accelerated Weight Loss

Ask Glen!

Q. Glen, I want lose weight fast! What should I do?

A Practically everyone wants a better body. The problem is that many people also seem willing to try just about anything in order to obtain it. In fact, well-intentioned consumers spend billions of dollars each year on an assortment of pills, potions and unusual gadgets that promise to help zap off the fat and keep them fit.

Unfortunately, most of these products only end up slimming down the wallets of shoppers willing to hand over their hard-earned cash to buy them.

Nobody understands what it really takes to turn your weight-loss dreams into reality better than internationally renowned fitness guru and best-selling author, Brad Schoenfeld. As owner and operator of the exclusive Personal Training Center for Women in Scarsdale, NY, Schoenfeld knows that there is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to slimming down or shaping up. He has personally devised a revolutionary system of training designed to help his clients simultaneously shed body fat and increase muscle. However, Schoenfeld will be the first one to tell you that it takes hard work to accomplish these goals.

"It never ceases to amaze me how many women ignore exercise when they are trying to lose weight,” he tells eDiets. “Rest assured, if you don't exercise, you won't reshape your body. It's that simple. Only by combining exercise with a sensible nutritional program can you reap optimal benefits.”

Schoenfeld also stresses the importance of adding variety to your exercise routine. Since the human body adapts to repetitive stress, he explains that your muscles become immune to exercises that you perform over and over again.

"Variety is the spice of fitness," he says. “This is a motto I live by, and one that I’m constantly preaching in my books and seminars and to my private clients.”

To help you get in the best shape of your life, Schoenfeld has an important list of Dos and Don’ts to share. If you want to accelerate the weight-loss process, do the following: Do consume at least 1,200 calories a day.
When you consume less than 1,200 calories a day, Schoenfeld says your body develops a starvation response, which will slow down your metabolism. Actually, he believes 1,200 calories should be a bare minimum. Many women will need to consume even more than that

Do consume frequent, small meals throughout the day that are well-balanced.
Eating frequent, balanced meals can help you to avoid hunger and fatigue by keeping your blood sugar stable. If you go for long periods of time without food, he says you are more likely to end up binge eating.

“When you go without eating for more than a few hours, your body senses deprivation and shifts into starvation mode,” Schoenfeld warns. “The importance of frequent feedings is even more pronounced when you’re trying to lose weight.”

Do boost your metabolism by doing the following things:
Drinking green tea. According to Schoenfeld, green tea has caffeine and other compounds that can increase your body’s metabolism by up to 4 percent per day. You can either consume green tea in pill form or by brewing green tea leaves into a beverage. If you do consume green tea as a beverage, though, he advises refraining from cream and sugar.

Exercise beyond your comfort zone. When it comes to working out, he firmly believes that nothing is more important than intensity. Since the human body strives to maintain stability, he says it is essential to push your muscles beyond what they are used to lifting.

Consume healthy omega-3 fats. These important fats are found in coldwater fish (salmon, tuna, trout), flaxseed and walnuts. According to Schoenfeld, you will slow down your metabolism if you avoid them.

Schedule the occasional cheat day to keep your metabolism stoked and your cravings in check. Believe it or not, Schoenfeld is a firm believer in the “cheat day.” He believes that scheduling cheat days for yourself is a great way to keep from feeling deprived.

Now that you’ve learned the golden rules of accelerated weight loss, keep in mind that there are certain things that can also sabotage your efforts. If you are trying to lose weight quickly, don’t do the following:

Don’t avoid strength training.
Many women avoid strength training, because they are afraid that it will slow down their weight loss and bulk them up. However, Schoenfeld says weight training is actually the most important thing a woman can do to achieve a fit body. Though participating in aerobic exercises may help trim body fat, only strength training can help you develop muscle tone.

“Although any type of exercise can be beneficial to losing body fat, resistance training is by far the most important activity in the shapeover process,” he says.

Don’t go on a severely restricted calorie diet, or a nutritionally limited one.
Severely restricting calories or limiting your nutritional intake is very unhealthy and will ultimately make you more likely to regain any weight you do happen to lose. He also says that whether people realize it or not, eating healthy is an integral part of the weight-loss equation

“In addition to playing a role in whether you gain or lose body fat, what you eat also fuels exercise performance and promotes the development of lean muscle tissue,” he says. “If you don’t supply your body with the proper nutrients, you’ll seriously compromise your workouts and results will suffer.”

Don’t let your diet and exercise program end the day of the big event.
Schoenfeld says too many people just use dieting and fitness as a way to get in shape for a special event like a wedding or high school reunion. He stresses that your exercise regimen and healthy eating plan should be a part of your lifestyle -- not just a temporary fix.

The unfortunate thing with many people is that they don’t continue their exercise program after they reach a certain goal,” Schoenfeld says. “Fitness is a never-ending endeavor. You can look as fit at 70 as you did when you were 20.”

Any personal health questions or problems mental or physical or before starting any diet or exercise program. Please consult your physician !

Happy New Years!

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